Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Once Again, I Fail at Updates!

Hi all!

It's been since January since I updated, so I figured I'd update!
Loads of stuff has happened since I last updated. I'll cover just a few of those here!

I *Might* be going to Wrockstock in Patosi, MO this November! I'm making an efort to find roomates and someone to fly with out of Portland and I am going to buy my pass as soon as I have a room figured out!
In other news, I am Betaing a fanfic for someone from Sweden!
It's called "Wars Faraway" by Itar94! The link is
It is the first story on there, go read it and critasize my fab Betaing skills!

That's about all for now!
Bye and thanks for reading,

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