Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Must Be a Bad Blogger!

Hi folks,
I'm sorry I haven't updated this thing, at least it's a shorter amount of time for this update than the last!
I come today to post a story! It's about LotR the musical. I'm eventually going to post it on
but for now it's posted here!
I don't have a working title, so if anyone reads this, please sugest one to me!

Chapter 1

Laura Michelle Kelly walked through the Theater Royal, Drewry lane lost in thoughts of the upcoming production of a new musical she would be in and her recent divorce from a choreographer. It still hurt even though it had been nearly a year. She was on her way to the first rehearsal after call backs and was thoroughly looking forward to it. She just hoped she could find the right room. There was a huge sign stating "Cast of Lord of the Rings" with an arrow pointing to a light and airy room brimming with activity. She slipped in behind a black haired man who was talking with another man with dark hair who looked older. Laura sat down nervously next to a youngish woman. She had black hair and she gave Laura a soft smile. An Indian man came up to the front of the room and got everyone's attention. "Let's get started!" he said with a jovial expression on his countenance. "Let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves! Make sure to say who you are playing!" The dark haired man started. "Hi, I'm Michael Rouse and I play Legolas." Laura was surprised at that. Didn't Legolas have blond hair? Her musings were cut off by the next person. "Hello all, I am Michael Therriault. I play Gollum." Laura had always felt sorry for Gollum's character and hoped he could do him justice. The other older dark haired man went next. "Hello, my name is Jeróme Praden and I play Strider AKA Aragorn." Laura gave him a small smile, she'd always liked Aragorn's character. Suddenly the girl beside her spoke in an even tone. "Hi I'm Rosalie Craig, I play Arwen." Then, finally it was Laura's turn. "Hi, I'm Laura Michelle Kelly and I play Galadriel, Queen of the forest." The four men who played the hobbits went in quick succession. After that Malcolm Storry who played Gandalf introduced himself. After everyone had introduced themselves, A.R. Rahmin stood back up and the general hubbub of voices died down. "Now," he said, the jovial air still ever-present. "We will do a read-through of Act I with no songs. I repeat no songs!"
I hope you liked it!
In other news, I am preparing for graduation. It's pretty exciting but also scary because I don't know what'll happen next!
The spring concert is tonight. I'm not in it, otherwise I'd post the link for watching!
That's about it, have a great day everybody!
Bye and thanks for reading,

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  1. Hi Abby,

    I'm glad to see you posting your writing!

    I know graduation is an exciting and yet scary time. I'm going to miss you and everyone in your class. Best of luck in the future!

    Mrs. Tate